Have a formal event coming up? Worried about not dressing up too much or being dressed too poorly? Don’t want to look like the black sheep in the flock? Well then visit Alynora Salon as we promise to dress you properly for the right occasion. Walk out of our salon with confidence knowing you look the best you can.


Body massage helps to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression all the while benefiting your well-being, providing better sleep, enhancing daily living lifestyle, increasing energy and affirming better more focused concentration.


Our Facial Massages help stimulate the face muscles which helps to bring oxygen into the necessary pores which in turn Removes impurities and clearing toxins, preventing wrinkles al the well acting as a natural form of anti-aging skin care and face lift.


Manicure, Pedicure and Essential colors for every event. Displaying your nails in creative way to paint, decorate, enhance, and polish your nails and with an exotic manicure/pedicure that trims, shapes, and embellishes your nails.


Our Natural hair care treatments includes a routine that takes your hair into a deep repair phase which once is done results in the rebirth of your smooth, beautiful and nourished hair again we also provide further recommendations for which essential oils you could use to get long and Lucius hair like you always desired.


Get longer, stronger fuller hair than ever before with Hair extensions. Rich in High quality and luxurious all at an unbeatable rate with a style that looks desirable by the minute. You may not wanna miss on these.


This process is carried out by our professional hair colorists who correct any and all damage caused by a color service gone wrong. Our hair color correction process includes using Branded shampoos and toners that help to remove or revive your desired hair color.


Hair Styles that speak with the volume that you want them to speak. Carefully braiding each and every fine thread of hair till we reached the level of master crafted perfection. All of the hair style trends that are famously known across the world. Just say the name.